The Corfu Declaration (1917)

Issue: 1/2023

Pages: 17-47

Language: English

Author: Hornyak ÁRPÁD

Abstract: The current study focuses on the contents and the context of the Corfu Declaration of 1917, which represented a pivotal mark in the South Slavs’ long pursuit of living together in a free and independent southern Slav state, free from the rule of foreign nations. Both local and the international reception are set under scope, while also assessing the impact of the declaration. The text explores the ways in which the Yugoslav idea had previously spread but also shows how the outbreak of the First World War brought the first real opportunity for the creation of such a state. Three factors, in order of importance, played a role in its creation after the end of the world war: the Entente powers, the Serbian government and the South Slav emigration.

Keywords: Illyrianism, Yugoslavism, Ante Trumbić, Anton Korošec, Nikola Pašić

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